13 May 2024

Update meeting SustainPalm in Jakarta

2 February 2024

International Guest Lecture "Sustainable oil palm system under the constraints of climate change" by Dr. Maja Slingerland at Universitas Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta

29 January 2024

Presentation by Dr. Maja Slingerland on 2nd conference on Integration of Cattle and Oil Palm (ICOP2) in Pontianak

22 January 2024

Visit of partners Amsterdam Declarations Partnership (ADP) to Riau

8 November 2023

Presentation by Dr. Maja Slingerland on the ISTAP X Conference

1 November 2023

Booth during the visit of Minister of Foreign Affair of the Kingdom of Netherland in Jakarta to show research and innovation related to palm oil

5 June 2023

Presentation by Dr. Maja Slingerland on International Webinar Lambung Mangkurat University: Sharing experiences on integrating oil palm and livestock: lessons from Malaysia and Indonesia

23 February 2023

Official launch of SustainPalm Programme in Jakarta

20-21 February 2023

Field visit to Riau